“I assigned the content writing for my website to them for Russian language and it was really outstanding. They have an in-house content writer for this language and she did the job to my full satisfaction. I was not only satisfied with the job but was really happy with their prices and on time delivery.”

Stacy Richard

“Outstanding content”

“I came across this website randomly through google search and initially thought that Shan Dubai is also like those companies who just boast about their works and try to impress people with a huge language list, assuming this I assigned them a job for content writing in Yoruba language. To my surprise, they accepted this job offering a very reasonable cost and delivered it on time.”

Linda Pers

“Shocked with the huge price list and languages”

“Being myself a woman and an entrepreneur I feel very excited and proud to be in touch with such a company who believes in women empowerment and encourages ladies to work. Great going, all the best for future.”

Jhanvi Seth

“Happy to see an all women organization”

“I was not satisfied with the job; the quality was not up to my expectations. So they told me not to pay for the job.”


“Unsatisfied client”

“I have been in association with this company since last year and have been assigning them content writing jobs time to time, they have multiple content writers for each language as they are working 24 Hours a day and 6 days a week. I am happy and satisfied with the work.”

Johnson B

“Staff Changes a lot”

“It is unbelievable to come across such a company who is offering content writing jobs in 300 languages and at a nominal cost. All the best.”

Mark Ben

“300 Languages to offer”

“I gave them a content writing job in Arabic language which was delayed by them as their content writer did not submit it on time due to his personal reasons, but I am happy to be knowing such a company who values their clients and are always ready to admit their mistakes. They gave me a good discount due to delayed submission without even asking for it. Great going, keep it up.”

Lopa Carmen

“Delayed Delivery of my project”

“I offered them a job of content writing in Spanish Language which had 25 pages and was to be delivered on the same day, but they clearly refused to accept the job even when a double price was offered by me. The reason was that this was not a translation job that could be handed over to multiple translators. I was impressed by their honesty and extended the delivery time. Good to know such a company who believes in ethics and principles rather than running after money.”

Cathy Fernandes

“Assignment not accepted”

“I got their reference from one of my colleague and offered them a job in French language for content writing. For me it was a total value for money.”


“Value for money”

“I was very shocked to see a lengthy price list offering so many language pairs for translation. I assigned them many language pairs and was always satisfied with the work. I feel fortunate to be associated with this company.”


“Huge Price list to offer”

“My job was for English to Hausa and I had to extend the deadline as there was only one resource available with them. They should try to search for more translators in odd language pairs also.”

Sushil Choubey

“Had to extend the delivery date”

“I had a personal translation work for my website and randomly approached Shan Dubai for my job, I am really impressed with the quality and on time delivery.”

Shikha Verma

“Direct Client”

“I offered them a translation job for English to Tibetan, their translator accepted the job first and then vanished. Since there are not many translators available for this job so I was offered a 30% discount as penalty for the delayed submission.”

Ahmed Khan

“Tibetan Job delayed”

“I had a translation job for English to Armenia and was wondering whom to assign as there was hardly any translator easily available for this job, but then I came across Shan Dubai who have an in-house translator for this language pair. The job was delivered to me on time with 99% accuracy. Thanks to Shan Dubai”

Zara Ahmed

“Armenian Translator”

“We have been in translation industry since 2010 and were maintaining a huge database of so many translation companies for various language pairs. After getting in touch with this company I do not need to maintain a huge database now. I totally rely on them and accept new translation jobs from my clients for any language pair that are present in their price list.”

Pradeep Shukla

“Huge Database”

“When I saw the price list I was shocked to check the rates offered by them for translation. I was doubting them for quality as no company can offer a good quality work at such a low price, but I was wrong. I got a good quality work at a reasonable cost. Thanks!”

Lucy Margeretta

“Shocking Rate List”